The argument that we should go along with Obama and the progressives to prove they are wrong

While many of us are still undecided about this strategy I have been thinking about how it could be accomplished.

First let us recognize this means the Republicans in the House and Senate would need to vote against their own beliefs. But they would be doing this to accelerate the Obama experiment. Because the sooner it is proven to fail (as it has so far), the sooner we can start considering other solutions. Republicans could also state that this applies to economic recovery issues only. A budget bill with funding for abortion (for example) would be rejected off-hand. This would not be a carte blanche for all liberal legislation..

Here is how we might accomplish this.

The Republican leadership in congress would notify the president that if he sends them what he wants in tax changes, and budget items etc, the GOP will pass them.

But they would pass each bill with the caveat that a Declaration of Protest would be included in the text of the bill. This declaration would identify the items that the GOP opposes, why they oppose them, and what the expected adverse consequences might be. The declaration would also state that Republicans are passing these items in order to accelerate the process of proving that the president’s approach is completely wrong.

This is seriously radical stuff.  But at a time when good patriots are flying the American flag upside down, perhaps our congress needs to take such drastic action.

One of my predictions was apparently quite accurate, 3 million Republicans did not show up.

Unfortunately I was right, we failed to energize enough of the conservative GOP base.


“A number of Republicans are tired of moderate nominees. They’ve sent the Republican Party money for years and said, “To hell with it. If you’re gonna eschew conservatism, I’m not giving you any money, and I’m not voting for you.”

Rush Limbaugh

Unlike me, they did not vote for other Republican candidates, and vote (as I suggested) for an alternate presidential candidate. These people simply did not vote.

Can you hear me now, Karl Rove? You RINO Romney supporters did this. You almost caused us to lose the House as well. You idiots who thought it was a good idea to attract the moderate vote lost us a big chunk of the GOP base vote. You hysterical fear-mongering ABO (Anybody But Obama) advocates did not mobilize (scare) a big chunk of conservatives.

This loss is primarily because the big-money country-club RINO Republicans forced a non-conservative candidate upon us.

This should teach some in the GOP a lesson, and I hope this lesson gets shoved right up Karl Rove’s ass.  It may take years before we can estimate the damage you RINOs have done to the country (and to your party).


Do you realize how far you have moved the GOP toward self destruction?

Have any of you among the country club Republican elite learned a lesson?  Since Ronald Reagan, the GOP has not nominated one true conservative presidential candidate.  Of all the presidential elections since Reagan the GOP has lost more than it has won.

To each of those who thought Barack Obama’s failures would make this an easy election, you were wrong.  To each of those who thought nominating a moderate RINO would be the safest bet, when in the heck will you learn?

Mitt Romney is no conservative, and he is definitely no supply-sider.  He could read words that made him sound almost as conservative as Ronald Reagan, but he didn’t really have a clue about how to sell conservatism.  He did not have the slightest clue about how to sell supply-side economic principles.  Witness how many times Barack Obama claimed increasing the upper marginal income tax rates would increase revenue.  Mitt Romney did not challenge him on this flawed economic theory, not even once.

How about all of you candidates who were involved in the presidential primary food-fight?  None of these (including Romney) could competently articulate a conservative economic message.  In the next primary if you cannot be nearly as persuasive as Ronald Reagan, please just stay out of the race.  If no one in the GOP can persuasively sell conservative supply-side economics and conservative principles, then the party is dead already.  If the party does not have candidates with that skill set, there is no hope for the GOP.  Dig a hole and bury it.

It is unclear whether this country can survive the next four years.  This is probably true whether Obama or Romney had won the election.  The debt crash looms just ahead.  The only thing that could possibly have saved us would have been a conservative (Tea Party) congress, and a conservative president.  (Some believe Barack Obama wants this country to go bankrupt because serious economic suffering has often been fertile soil for either a Communist or Fascist revolution.)

Clearly we have reached the tipping point, more takers than makers.  Soon, only Democrats will be able to win elections.

We cannot give up, the fight needs to continue.  But the fight is not only between conservatives and neo-Marxist progressives, it is also an internal fight for the very heart and soul of the GOP.  More and more it appears that the days of the GOP are coming to an end.  Thank you, Karl Rove, et-al, for driving several more nails into the GOP coffin.