An Open Letter To The RNC

I received a questionnaire from the RNC, here is a note I enclosed in response, along with $5.00 in cash.

Re: Response to questionnaire – Document Tracking Code J14PA096

How dare you RINOs declare war on the GOP base and the Tea Party and then come asking for money.  If you want to do the bidding of the Chamber of Commerce and the crony capitalists then perhaps you should get all of your stinking money from them.  Don’t expect any kind of support from the GOP base.

If I lived in Kentucky I would vote for Grimes, the Democratic candidate for US Senate.  It is that important to remove Mitch McConnell.  His corrosive influence is so damaging to the conservative movement it would be better for the GOP to lose this seat.  John Boehner is a RINO coward, and Thad Cochran is a disgrace to the party.  These people should have all been removed right after the 2006 election loss.  They are part of the GOP elite that continually betray the GOP base and the conservative movement.

At a time when we have very high (real) unemployment and we cannot find positions for more than about half of our (high-tech) STEM graduates the Chamber of Commerce and some companies want more H-1B visas.  This is desired because some companies want to lower the average wages of US STEM workers, thus lowering their costs. This is yet another attack on the US middle class.  Do we need to lower American wages to be competitive in the world?  Shouldn’t the proponents have the honesty to come out in the open and debate this?  What position does the GOP take, a nice little favor for the crony capitalists, or a decision made in the best interests of the country?

Don’t even think about amnesty, nothing could be more idiotic or more suicidal for the GOP.  The base would rise up in anger, and very few Hispanic votes would ever be generated.  Barack Obama and the Democrats are salivating over the very possibility of such a stupid move by the very out-of-touch GOP party elite.

One law we must change is to make it a requirement that large 501(c)(4) donors names be made public.  We need to know exactly who is attempting to corrupt the GOP.

If you foist another stinking RINO on us in 2016 I will vote for the Libertarian candidate as I did in 2012.  I now only vote for conservatives.  If you cannot nominate conservatives then we need a new party that can.



Sometimes it is hard to recognize a RINO during the campaign.

  • Watch out for liars. One recent RINO candidate stated he was “severely conservative”.  But he was not only not a conservative, he was a liar as well.  To realize this you had to listen more closely.  For example if you listened to him speak on economics it was clear that he was totally clueless about conservative economic principles.
  • Watch out for anyone supported by the Chamber of Commerce or by Karl Rove.  Their war with the Tea Party makes any candidate they support highly suspect.
  • Watch for a clear opposition to amnesty.  This is a very positive indication, the candidate is less likely to be a RINO.
  • Watch for the word “repeal” when it comes to Obamacare.   If they can’t say it they probably can’t do it.
  • Watch for talk about concern for the poor and the needy.  If it is accompanied by really good ideas for welfare reform that may be a good indication.  But if it is just ambiguous concern and a promise to help then you are probably looking at a big-government RINO trying to out Democrat the Democrats. Some very misguided Republicans are proposing that the party show more concern for the needy.  They see how many are dependent upon government and feel the Democrats have such an advantage in this area that they cannot win unless they play the same game.  Do you want to support a GOP RINO who is trying to be like a Democrat?
  • Watch who the candidate’s opposition is, who their enemies are.  Watch who endorses their opposition.  You can tell a lot about a candidate by who their enemies are.
  • Watch for signs of habitual dishonesty.  RINOs are generally more dishonest than true conservatives.  RINOs are not just honest moderates, they are ambitious and relatively unprincipled.  Sometimes liars are easy to see through because of the way they parse their words.  Think of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama when you are trying to improve your dishonesty detection.

If you find a candidate who appears to be a good conservative send them a donation. The RINOs are well financed by those who expect favors from them, and by the entrenched GOP power elite.  But we can compensate for this disparity by assuring that good conservative candidates have strong support from the  GOP base.

Chamber Of Commerce: “We will try to destroy the Tea Party because they won’t let us betray the country.”

Betraying America US Chamber of Crony Capitalists

Betraying America
US Chamber of Crony Capitalists

“Amnesty for all, more foreign workers.
We still do not have high enough unemployment.
Up with business, down with everyone else.
LaRaza is our friend. Si Se Puede!”

The Chamber is seriously misguided, if it isn’t good for America it probably isn’t good for business in the long run.  The Amnesty Bill is a scam, it will result in many more votes for the Democrats, and it will not even begin to eliminate illegal immigrants.  Agribusiness and other industries don’t want legal workers, they cost too much.  Legal workers can unionize, and they can report employers not paying the minimum wage too.  Businesses support amnesty, but only if they can continue to drive down wages by exploiting illegal alien workers.

High tech companies want to force down wages with more legal foreign workers.  But we cannot employ half the high tech workers we now graduate.

The Amnesty Bill is another way the GOP can destroy itself, and the Chamber of Commerce is doing it’s best to influence more unprincipled RINOs in the GOP.

But unlike the crony capitalists hiding behind Karl Rove’s 501(c)(4) PACs, this bad actor is visible.  And as good patriots we should make the Chamber aware of our contempt.


Karl Rove Super-PAC RINO Money Is
Dirty Money — Corrupt Money —
Rove Money Is Bribe Money

Naturally, there is such a thing as a moderate. And many moderates are ethical people. But don’t confuse real moderates with the Rove supported RINOs. The RINOs really have no base, all they have is a vast source of money from 501(c)(4) super-PACs like those of Karl Rove. Unlike most political contributors, the super-PAC donors are anonymous, their names can be (and are) hidden from the public.

How does Karl Rove get so much money to support his so-called moderates? I think most of this money (or at least a lot of it) comes with strings attached, a quid pro quo, or what we really should be calling a bribe. Do you really think there are that many wealthy and fanatical moderates? Of course not, what Rove really needs are ambitious politicians who are lacking in integrity. They pretend to be ethical moderates, and some even pretend to be true conservatives.

Why do you think so many in the GOP seem incapable of articulating conservative principles? Why do you think even fewer are able to make compelling arguments for conservative supply-side economics? It was frustrating watching Mitt Romney debate Barack Obama on economic issues. Mitt Romney obviously didn’t have a clue about supply-side principles. Mitt Romney is a phony conservative, ready and willing to do the bidding of Karl Rove’s financial backers.

Why do you think the RINOs seem to be at war with the Tea Party groups, and with the GOP conservative base? One reason may be that real Tea Party conservative candidates have too much integrity to make quid pro quo deals with Rove and his secret donors. Secret PAC money often comes from those who want something the conservative base would be likely to oppose. Secret PAC money is often seeking favors that run counter to the interests of the country.

The war between the conservatives and the RINOs is not a war between legitimate moderates and conservatives, it is a war between the ethical and the unethical. It is a war between the good and the bad.

Karl Rove’s RINO PAC corruption is made possible by the fact that these contributors’ names can be kept secret. Changes in the law to require full disclosure are probably the best solution. The same corrupting influence applies to the Democratic party as well. But it is far easier to find willing politicians sufficiently lacking in integrity among the left-wing Bolsheviks. This is one area where both liberals and conservatives might be able to agree upon some new bi-partisan legislation. Democrats have been calling for disclosure and Republicans have filibustered some of their attempts. The source of any money intended to sway political opinion, or to influence politicians should be publicly disclosed.

When Karl Rove’s dirty money is spent to oppose a conservative candidate in a primary, it costs conservatives big money to fight this well-funded RINO. This is wasted money that could have been used to educate voters about the benefits of conservatism. We are faced with a vast and influential left-biased media. We need to get the conservative message out, even if it takes paid advertisements to do so.

Don’t even think about starting a new party. If most of the base were to leave the GOP, the super-PAC financed RINOs would take over.

We need to purge the party of those who are bought and sold by the Rove RINO PACs. We need to de-fund the corrupt crony capitalists who now hide behind the secrecy of these 501(c)(4) slush funds.

An open letter to Speaker Boehner

Dear Speaker Boehner,

RE: The Schummer/LaRaza Amnesty Bill (or anything even close)

To legislate in favor of a few special interests, but against the interests of your party and your country is a betrayal. To legislate against the interests of the country is an act of treason. How can so many Republicans be so WRONG?

I actually live all the way across the country in Washington State. I will donate to your primary challenger BIG-TIME, even before I donate to my own district candidate.

How would you like it if your legacy in the US House is the total destruction of the GOP? When will the GOP elite learn that to betray the conservative base is political suicide?

I cannot imagine how any Republican could allow an amnesty bill to pass as long as the Democrats control the White House and Senate. The Senate bill even gives money to the racist organization, LaRaza. If ever there was a good trigger for a national income tax revolt this would be it.

You are about to destroy your party and your country, and for what? Campaign donations from employers who want lower wages? Do you really think the GOP will garner much of the Hispanic vote anytime in the near future? Do you trust Obama to enforce anything in this bill?

This is not the time to pass an amnesty bill, and there is no compelling reason to do so now. There is no crisis here that cannot wait.

Please be warned, if such a bill passes we will not forgive nor will we forget the fools who allowed it to pass.


We must migrate away from government assistance and back to private charities.

Democrats exploit the needy for political reasons, not because they are compassionate people. Democrats promise more and more aid, and they pay for this with taxpayer funds.

The goal of public assistance should be to help the needy.

The goal should not be to further one political party or another. The goal should not be to get as many people dependent upon government assistance as possible.

The government is not and never will be the sort of compassionate source of aid that a private charity can be.

Instead of enslaving the needy to government programs we need to help as many as possible to get back on their feet. We need to help the disabled contribute to society in any way they are able.

Here is the secret sauce that could start this migration away from government welfare and assistance.

Start charities that offer all of these things. Private charities can provide food, clothing, housing, education, and health care. But require the recipient to sign and abide by a contract that they will not apply for nor accept any government assistance while they are receiving assistance from this private charity.

Recognize that private charities are more efficient, more compassionate, and more effective. Offer tax deduction incentives to donors, let them deduct perhaps 125% of their contributions to this new category of charitable organizations (up to a reasonable limit, a percentage of the donor’s adjusted gross income).

If this were done right, we could begin to reduce the devious and selfish enslavement and exploitation of the needy by Socialists, liberals and progressives.

How to curtail illegal immigration big-time

The two things we need to solve this problem are:

• Stronger laws and enforcement for employers who hire illegals, similar to E-Verify
• A better green card system for non-citizen foreign workers

This is a time when we desperately need to provide more jobs for American workers. If jobs for illegal immigrants begin to disappear, many illegals will self-deport. With fewer jobs for illegals, border protection will become simpler and less expensive. It will also be easier to apprehend terrorists and drug dealers crossing the border.

One thing is clear, even a bill that combines some form of amnesty with better border enforcement and strong penalties for hiring illegals is doomed to failure. Barack Obama simply cannot be trusted. Even if an E-Verify system were to start simultaneously with other reforms Obama could (and probably would) refrain from enforcing the employer aspects of any new immigration bill.

In order to facilitate the hiring of US citizens there may be a need for modest exemptions to state and federal minimum wage laws for some industries. This is really a problem with the minimum wage. These laws make it difficult to hire entry-level workers. These unrealistic minimum wage laws would probably result in a modest increase in the price of some products once the illegal workforce disappeared. The minimum wage should never be set to provide adequate wages for couples with children. In doing so we make it more difficult to hire young workers living at home, and workers sharing living expenses. Those earning the minimum wage should think twice about starting a family before they are earning enough to support one. To some extent, minimum wage laws are responsible for this massive illegal alien workforce.

Unfortunately it appears we cannot rely on the GOP to help us with this. Too much money is donated to GOP campaigns by companies who feel they require this illegal workforce, particularly agribusiness.

One way to solve this problem is to bypass Washington, DC. We could start a massive national boycott of companies hiring illegal aliens.

For products of agribusiness, we could extend the boycott to stores selling their products. The internet is an excellent place for people to follow such a boycott, and a great place for the boycott organization to take donations as well. First focus on the worst offenders, they will become examples for other such employers to contemplate.

If Republican politicians are too cowardly to go after these employers, so be it. Perhaps a non-partisan boycott is a better solution anyway. Neither party has suffer the wrath of employers who had been exploiting these people. Neither party would take the blame for the inevitable (but modest) increase in prices of some products.

I am deeply disappointed in Senator Marco Rubio, he is being played for a fool. He may have done irreparable damage to his political career by supporting Senator Schumer’s misguided (and devious) amnesty bill.

Immigration is a big part of what made the USA such a great country. But illegal immigration has very negative consequences.

Has the GOP been engaged in ideological cleansing?

Look at this photo of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Remember how articulate, how persuasive these two people were? Remember some of their famous speeches?

Why is it that almost no one currently in the GOP can articulate a good conservative message? Remember how poorly Romney did in explaining conservatism? RINOs are only pretend conservatives, phony conservatives. It is understandable that if they don’t really believe in conservative principles they are not very good at explaining conservatism.

But what has happened to those who can argue conservatism? Among all leading GOP members I see very few of them. Is this because the party leadership has engaged in ideological cleansing?

If the GOP cannot attract articulate and persuasive conservatives then it probably is the end of the GOP.

Kudos to Senator Rand Paul, GFY Senator John McCain

Every speech from an out-of-touch old-guard Republican like McCain puts another nail in the GOP coffin.  It won’t be long until the GOP is “shovel ready”.

Why are we funding ObamaCare?  Why didn’t we put that funding up to a separate vote?

People are becoming fed up with the out-of-touch GOP RINO leadership.  Let me remind you RINOs that you have no base.  It is much harder to elect a candidate when there is no support from the base.  Let me also remind you that a major share of your funding comes from crony capitalists who want special favors, the sort of people true conservatives should be shunning.

Let us all push for full disclosure on campaigns, even for soft money.  We need to know who is funding these RINOs who are destroying our party.

Attention GOP Leadership

Consider yourself and the party on probation.  You have sold us out one too many times.

Please be aware that you will NEVER silence conservatives.  But your war with the Tea Party may destroy (and effectively silence) the GOP.  It will not take much more dissatisfaction with GOP leadership for many of us to start working on a new party, a party to replace the GOP.

This piece in Yahoo News is yet another nail in the GOP coffin.

GOP leaders remove 4 from plum House committees

It will require a good deal of courage to fight this arrogant Bolshevik.  Having lost this last election we need to fight harder.  We must not permit this traitor to do any more harm to the country

Get some damn backbone, or get the heck out of our way!