An Open Letter To The RNC

I received a questionnaire from the RNC, here is a note I enclosed in response, along with $5.00 in cash.

Re: Response to questionnaire – Document Tracking Code J14PA096

How dare you RINOs declare war on the GOP base and the Tea Party and then come asking for money.  If you want to do the bidding of the Chamber of Commerce and the crony capitalists then perhaps you should get all of your stinking money from them.  Don’t expect any kind of support from the GOP base.

If I lived in Kentucky I would vote for Grimes, the Democratic candidate for US Senate.  It is that important to remove Mitch McConnell.  His corrosive influence is so damaging to the conservative movement it would be better for the GOP to lose this seat.  John Boehner is a RINO coward, and Thad Cochran is a disgrace to the party.  These people should have all been removed right after the 2006 election loss.  They are part of the GOP elite that continually betray the GOP base and the conservative movement.

At a time when we have very high (real) unemployment and we cannot find positions for more than about half of our (high-tech) STEM graduates the Chamber of Commerce and some companies want more H-1B visas.  This is desired because some companies want to lower the average wages of US STEM workers, thus lowering their costs. This is yet another attack on the US middle class.  Do we need to lower American wages to be competitive in the world?  Shouldn’t the proponents have the honesty to come out in the open and debate this?  What position does the GOP take, a nice little favor for the crony capitalists, or a decision made in the best interests of the country?

Don’t even think about amnesty, nothing could be more idiotic or more suicidal for the GOP.  The base would rise up in anger, and very few Hispanic votes would ever be generated.  Barack Obama and the Democrats are salivating over the very possibility of such a stupid move by the very out-of-touch GOP party elite.

One law we must change is to make it a requirement that large 501(c)(4) donors names be made public.  We need to know exactly who is attempting to corrupt the GOP.

If you foist another stinking RINO on us in 2016 I will vote for the Libertarian candidate as I did in 2012.  I now only vote for conservatives.  If you cannot nominate conservatives then we need a new party that can.