Sometimes it is hard to recognize a RINO during the campaign.

  • Watch out for liars. One recent RINO candidate stated he was “severely conservative”.  But he was not only not a conservative, he was a liar as well.  To realize this you had to listen more closely.  For example if you listened to him speak on economics it was clear that he was totally clueless about conservative economic principles.
  • Watch out for anyone supported by the Chamber of Commerce or by Karl Rove.  Their war with the Tea Party makes any candidate they support highly suspect.
  • Watch for a clear opposition to amnesty.  This is a very positive indication, the candidate is less likely to be a RINO.
  • Watch for the word “repeal” when it comes to Obamacare.   If they can’t say it they probably can’t do it.
  • Watch for talk about concern for the poor and the needy.  If it is accompanied by really good ideas for welfare reform that may be a good indication.  But if it is just ambiguous concern and a promise to help then you are probably looking at a big-government RINO trying to out Democrat the Democrats. Some very misguided Republicans are proposing that the party show more concern for the needy.  They see how many are dependent upon government and feel the Democrats have such an advantage in this area that they cannot win unless they play the same game.  Do you want to support a GOP RINO who is trying to be like a Democrat?
  • Watch who the candidate’s opposition is, who their enemies are.  Watch who endorses their opposition.  You can tell a lot about a candidate by who their enemies are.
  • Watch for signs of habitual dishonesty.  RINOs are generally more dishonest than true conservatives.  RINOs are not just honest moderates, they are ambitious and relatively unprincipled.  Sometimes liars are easy to see through because of the way they parse their words.  Think of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama when you are trying to improve your dishonesty detection.

If you find a candidate who appears to be a good conservative send them a donation. The RINOs are well financed by those who expect favors from them, and by the entrenched GOP power elite.  But we can compensate for this disparity by assuring that good conservative candidates have strong support from the  GOP base.