Chamber Of Commerce: “We will try to destroy the Tea Party because they won’t let us betray the country.”

Betraying America US Chamber of Crony Capitalists

Betraying America
US Chamber of Crony Capitalists

“Amnesty for all, more foreign workers.
We still do not have high enough unemployment.
Up with business, down with everyone else.
LaRaza is our friend. Si Se Puede!”

The Chamber is seriously misguided, if it isn’t good for America it probably isn’t good for business in the long run.  The Amnesty Bill is a scam, it will result in many more votes for the Democrats, and it will not even begin to eliminate illegal immigrants.  Agribusiness and other industries don’t want legal workers, they cost too much.  Legal workers can unionize, and they can report employers not paying the minimum wage too.  Businesses support amnesty, but only if they can continue to drive down wages by exploiting illegal alien workers.

High tech companies want to force down wages with more legal foreign workers.  But we cannot employ half the high tech workers we now graduate.

The Amnesty Bill is another way the GOP can destroy itself, and the Chamber of Commerce is doing it’s best to influence more unprincipled RINOs in the GOP.

But unlike the crony capitalists hiding behind Karl Rove’s 501(c)(4) PACs, this bad actor is visible.  And as good patriots we should make the Chamber aware of our contempt.