Karl Rove Super-PAC RINO Money Is
Dirty Money — Corrupt Money —
Rove Money Is Bribe Money

Naturally, there is such a thing as a moderate. And many moderates are ethical people. But don’t confuse real moderates with the Rove supported RINOs. The RINOs really have no base, all they have is a vast source of money from 501(c)(4) super-PACs like those of Karl Rove. Unlike most political contributors, the super-PAC donors are anonymous, their names can be (and are) hidden from the public.

How does Karl Rove get so much money to support his so-called moderates? I think most of this money (or at least a lot of it) comes with strings attached, a quid pro quo, or what we really should be calling a bribe. Do you really think there are that many wealthy and fanatical moderates? Of course not, what Rove really needs are ambitious politicians who are lacking in integrity. They pretend to be ethical moderates, and some even pretend to be true conservatives.

Why do you think so many in the GOP seem incapable of articulating conservative principles? Why do you think even fewer are able to make compelling arguments for conservative supply-side economics? It was frustrating watching Mitt Romney debate Barack Obama on economic issues. Mitt Romney obviously didn’t have a clue about supply-side principles. Mitt Romney is a phony conservative, ready and willing to do the bidding of Karl Rove’s financial backers.

Why do you think the RINOs seem to be at war with the Tea Party groups, and with the GOP conservative base? One reason may be that real Tea Party conservative candidates have too much integrity to make quid pro quo deals with Rove and his secret donors. Secret PAC money often comes from those who want something the conservative base would be likely to oppose. Secret PAC money is often seeking favors that run counter to the interests of the country.

The war between the conservatives and the RINOs is not a war between legitimate moderates and conservatives, it is a war between the ethical and the unethical. It is a war between the good and the bad.

Karl Rove’s RINO PAC corruption is made possible by the fact that these contributors’ names can be kept secret. Changes in the law to require full disclosure are probably the best solution. The same corrupting influence applies to the Democratic party as well. But it is far easier to find willing politicians sufficiently lacking in integrity among the left-wing Bolsheviks. This is one area where both liberals and conservatives might be able to agree upon some new bi-partisan legislation. Democrats have been calling for disclosure and Republicans have filibustered some of their attempts. The source of any money intended to sway political opinion, or to influence politicians should be publicly disclosed.

When Karl Rove’s dirty money is spent to oppose a conservative candidate in a primary, it costs conservatives big money to fight this well-funded RINO. This is wasted money that could have been used to educate voters about the benefits of conservatism. We are faced with a vast and influential left-biased media. We need to get the conservative message out, even if it takes paid advertisements to do so.

Don’t even think about starting a new party. If most of the base were to leave the GOP, the super-PAC financed RINOs would take over.

We need to purge the party of those who are bought and sold by the Rove RINO PACs. We need to de-fund the corrupt crony capitalists who now hide behind the secrecy of these 501(c)(4) slush funds.