An open letter to Speaker Boehner

Dear Speaker Boehner,

RE: The Schummer/LaRaza Amnesty Bill (or anything even close)

To legislate in favor of a few special interests, but against the interests of your party and your country is a betrayal. To legislate against the interests of the country is an act of treason. How can so many Republicans be so WRONG?

I actually live all the way across the country in Washington State. I will donate to your primary challenger BIG-TIME, even before I donate to my own district candidate.

How would you like it if your legacy in the US House is the total destruction of the GOP? When will the GOP elite learn that to betray the conservative base is political suicide?

I cannot imagine how any Republican could allow an amnesty bill to pass as long as the Democrats control the White House and Senate. The Senate bill even gives money to the racist organization, LaRaza. If ever there was a good trigger for a national income tax revolt this would be it.

You are about to destroy your party and your country, and for what? Campaign donations from employers who want lower wages? Do you really think the GOP will garner much of the Hispanic vote anytime in the near future? Do you trust Obama to enforce anything in this bill?

This is not the time to pass an amnesty bill, and there is no compelling reason to do so now. There is no crisis here that cannot wait.

Please be warned, if such a bill passes we will not forgive nor will we forget the fools who allowed it to pass.