We must migrate away from government assistance and back to private charities.

Democrats exploit the needy for political reasons, not because they are compassionate people. Democrats promise more and more aid, and they pay for this with taxpayer funds.

The goal of public assistance should be to help the needy.

The goal should not be to further one political party or another. The goal should not be to get as many people dependent upon government assistance as possible.

The government is not and never will be the sort of compassionate source of aid that a private charity can be.

Instead of enslaving the needy to government programs we need to help as many as possible to get back on their feet. We need to help the disabled contribute to society in any way they are able.

Here is the secret sauce that could start this migration away from government welfare and assistance.

Start charities that offer all of these things. Private charities can provide food, clothing, housing, education, and health care. But require the recipient to sign and abide by a contract that they will not apply for nor accept any government assistance while they are receiving assistance from this private charity.

Recognize that private charities are more efficient, more compassionate, and more effective. Offer tax deduction incentives to donors, let them deduct perhaps 125% of their contributions to this new category of charitable organizations (up to a reasonable limit, a percentage of the donor’s adjusted gross income).

If this were done right, we could begin to reduce the devious and selfish enslavement and exploitation of the needy by Socialists, liberals and progressives.