How to curtail illegal immigration big-time

The two things we need to solve this problem are:

• Stronger laws and enforcement for employers who hire illegals, similar to E-Verify
• A better green card system for non-citizen foreign workers

This is a time when we desperately need to provide more jobs for American workers. If jobs for illegal immigrants begin to disappear, many illegals will self-deport. With fewer jobs for illegals, border protection will become simpler and less expensive. It will also be easier to apprehend terrorists and drug dealers crossing the border.

One thing is clear, even a bill that combines some form of amnesty with better border enforcement and strong penalties for hiring illegals is doomed to failure. Barack Obama simply cannot be trusted. Even if an E-Verify system were to start simultaneously with other reforms Obama could (and probably would) refrain from enforcing the employer aspects of any new immigration bill.

In order to facilitate the hiring of US citizens there may be a need for modest exemptions to state and federal minimum wage laws for some industries. This is really a problem with the minimum wage. These laws make it difficult to hire entry-level workers. These unrealistic minimum wage laws would probably result in a modest increase in the price of some products once the illegal workforce disappeared. The minimum wage should never be set to provide adequate wages for couples with children. In doing so we make it more difficult to hire young workers living at home, and workers sharing living expenses. Those earning the minimum wage should think twice about starting a family before they are earning enough to support one. To some extent, minimum wage laws are responsible for this massive illegal alien workforce.

Unfortunately it appears we cannot rely on the GOP to help us with this. Too much money is donated to GOP campaigns by companies who feel they require this illegal workforce, particularly agribusiness.

One way to solve this problem is to bypass Washington, DC. We could start a massive national boycott of companies hiring illegal aliens.

For products of agribusiness, we could extend the boycott to stores selling their products. The internet is an excellent place for people to follow such a boycott, and a great place for the boycott organization to take donations as well. First focus on the worst offenders, they will become examples for other such employers to contemplate.

If Republican politicians are too cowardly to go after these employers, so be it. Perhaps a non-partisan boycott is a better solution anyway. Neither party has suffer the wrath of employers who had been exploiting these people. Neither party would take the blame for the inevitable (but modest) increase in prices of some products.

I am deeply disappointed in Senator Marco Rubio, he is being played for a fool. He may have done irreparable damage to his political career by supporting Senator Schumer’s misguided (and devious) amnesty bill.

Immigration is a big part of what made the USA such a great country. But illegal immigration has very negative consequences.