Kudos to Senator Rand Paul, GFY Senator John McCain

Every speech from an out-of-touch old-guard Republican like McCain puts another nail in the GOP coffin.  It won’t be long until the GOP is “shovel ready”.

Why are we funding ObamaCare?  Why didn’t we put that funding up to a separate vote?

People are becoming fed up with the out-of-touch GOP RINO leadership.  Let me remind you RINOs that you have no base.  It is much harder to elect a candidate when there is no support from the base.  Let me also remind you that a major share of your funding comes from crony capitalists who want special favors, the sort of people true conservatives should be shunning.

Let us all push for full disclosure on campaigns, even for soft money.  We need to know who is funding these RINOs who are destroying our party.