One of my predictions was apparently quite accurate, 3 million Republicans did not show up.

Unfortunately I was right, we failed to energize enough of the conservative GOP base.


“A number of Republicans are tired of moderate nominees. They’ve sent the Republican Party money for years and said, “To hell with it. If you’re gonna eschew conservatism, I’m not giving you any money, and I’m not voting for you.”

Rush Limbaugh

Unlike me, they did not vote for other Republican candidates, and vote (as I suggested) for an alternate presidential candidate. These people simply did not vote.

Can you hear me now, Karl Rove? You RINO Romney supporters did this. You almost caused us to lose the House as well. You idiots who thought it was a good idea to attract the moderate vote lost us a big chunk of the GOP base vote. You hysterical fear-mongering ABO (Anybody But Obama) advocates did not mobilize (scare) a big chunk of conservatives.

This loss is primarily because the big-money country-club RINO Republicans forced a non-conservative candidate upon us.

This should teach some in the GOP a lesson, and I hope this lesson gets shoved right up Karl Rove’s ass.  It may take years before we can estimate the damage you RINOs have done to the country (and to your party).