Do you realize how far you have moved the GOP toward self destruction?

Have any of you among the country club Republican elite learned a lesson?  Since Ronald Reagan, the GOP has not nominated one true conservative presidential candidate.  Of all the presidential elections since Reagan the GOP has lost more than it has won.

To each of those who thought Barack Obama’s failures would make this an easy election, you were wrong.  To each of those who thought nominating a moderate RINO would be the safest bet, when in the heck will you learn?

Mitt Romney is no conservative, and he is definitely no supply-sider.  He could read words that made him sound almost as conservative as Ronald Reagan, but he didn’t really have a clue about how to sell conservatism.  He did not have the slightest clue about how to sell supply-side economic principles.  Witness how many times Barack Obama claimed increasing the upper marginal income tax rates would increase revenue.  Mitt Romney did not challenge him on this flawed economic theory, not even once.

How about all of you candidates who were involved in the presidential primary food-fight?  None of these (including Romney) could competently articulate a conservative economic message.  In the next primary if you cannot be nearly as persuasive as Ronald Reagan, please just stay out of the race.  If no one in the GOP can persuasively sell conservative supply-side economics and conservative principles, then the party is dead already.  If the party does not have candidates with that skill set, there is no hope for the GOP.  Dig a hole and bury it.

It is unclear whether this country can survive the next four years.  This is probably true whether Obama or Romney had won the election.  The debt crash looms just ahead.  The only thing that could possibly have saved us would have been a conservative (Tea Party) congress, and a conservative president.  (Some believe Barack Obama wants this country to go bankrupt because serious economic suffering has often been fertile soil for either a Communist or Fascist revolution.)

Clearly we have reached the tipping point, more takers than makers.  Soon, only Democrats will be able to win elections.

We cannot give up, the fight needs to continue.  But the fight is not only between conservatives and neo-Marxist progressives, it is also an internal fight for the very heart and soul of the GOP.  More and more it appears that the days of the GOP are coming to an end.  Thank you, Karl Rove, et-al, for driving several more nails into the GOP coffin.